The Boiler House N16

Our Spaces To Hire

We are a Social Enterprise at heart and, as such, hire our Community Spaces for various uses, including;

  • Private hire and family/ friend gatherings
  • Sessions and classes (such as fitness, voluntary groups, workshops, Art, etc.)
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Events
  • Corporate Hire and meetings
  • Projects and services with and for local people and young people.

Did you know we like to support people to use our spaces and offer even more positive opportunities to our community?

So if you have an idea, project or service and would like to test it out or you’re ready to deliver it, please get in touch, and let’s make it happen!

Give us a call  on 0208 806 8013

We have lots of lovely community spaces available to hire.

When You Can Hire Boiler House

Private hire for family gatherings, parties, funerals, weddings;

Saturday Midday – 9pm
Sunday Midday – 7pm 

Community Sessions,  Running a class, workshop, meeting, voluntary group, Rehearsal spaces, etc this is available;

Monday to Friday 9am – 9pm 
Saturday and Sunday 9am- 12pm

For more information, please drop by or contact us on 07462 742802/ 0203 771 8084

The following are not permitted on this site:

Bouncy Castles
Public announcement and DJ systems

Please check our Northwold Community Hub site if you are planning for either of these for your event.