Good Place Members Club

About The Club

Life can be stressful, and we all need a break and a place to breathe. So we’ve created the ‘Good Place Members Club’ to do just that, and get a few bargains in the process!

What do members get?

  • £25-30 of food from our Community Pantry, a time slot all for you, to choose what food and bargains you want to take home.
  • Tea and Coffee and a chat with our team and other members.
  • Music – we’ve always got good music playing, you can also make requests.
  • Advice and guidance – have a chat with our lovely support coordinator, who can help work through any problems or stresses you might be having.
  • Monthly free shoes! we have partnered with Sals Shoes, who provides members with fantastic quality shoes.
  • Volunteering and skills development opportunities
  • Activities, workshops and services such as free reflexology for our members!
  • A place to feel a part of, meet your neighbours and make new connections.
" I'm a new member, I loved the Community Centre. People are so friendly, really good food items"
Good Place Member

What’s It Like To Be A Member

“It has helped and is good for the community and makes people happy” Member

“I must congratulate and thank the Community Team. It has made a great impact on our family and the community, am so grateful because no one should go hungry”

“I must say thank you to Sals Shoes so I don’t have to keep gluing, cutting cardboard soul to fit and sewing to keep toes in”

If you would like to become a member, please click the link above and book your slot. – Weekly membership costs £6.50

If you would like to volunteer at the members club, please click here

If you can donate to support our member’s club, please donate here.

We have a fantastic team of partners to offer our members even more opportunities. 

Sals Shoes 

Guiness Partnership

Felix Project